How to Make Your Child Listen

Communication between parent and child is the very foundation of their relationship.  To establish and maintain the communication you need to understand how to make your child listen.  How often do you yell at your child to do something only to be given the “I didn’t hear you”, excuse when they don’t do what you… Read More »

Pros and Cons of Maternity Leave for Parents

Paid maternity leave or parental leave is a great benefit to young couples.  Being able to take paid leave to care for your new born is a wonderful benefit and that is one of the pros.  The problem is there are both Pros and Cons of maternity leave for mums.  Today I want to discuss… Read More »

Raising Gender Neutral Children

Is raising gender neutral children just another passing fad.  Could it be another step in reaching true equality of the sexes?  Raising gender neutral children is about much more than allowing your little boy to play with dolls or your little girl play with truck.  Before deciding on gender neutral parenting you should first understand… Read More »

The Importance of Sun Protection For Kids

The Importance of Sun Protection For Kids We all know that we should put sunscreen on our children, but I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of us who can get rather lax in this department from time to time. Well, you’ll start slathering it on every single time you’re outside once you see… Read More »

Can Childhood Obesity be Prevented

So much has been written and said about childhood obesity but are we missing the point?  Waiting until a child is obese and then trying to change their diet and lifestyle to correct the problem is never going to work. The time to combat obesity in children is when they start eating solids for the… Read More »

Why Do Children Lie

It may come as a surprise to many parents to learn that their children tell lies.  They lie about their siblings, their parents, their teachers, their friends and their own misdeeds.  The question is why do children lie? The most obvious reason is to avoid punishment when they have done something wrong.  None of us… Read More »

What Is Toy Universe

What is Toy Universe and why am I reviewing it?  Toy Universe is an online toy store that has a huge range of top name toys.   Today I wanted to talk to you about the pros and cons of buying toys for your kids online from Toy Universe. Who Is Toy Universe? Toy Universe is… Read More »

Why Is Drinking Water Important

People often ask Why Is Drinking Water Important?  The human body needs water to live.   Dehydration can be deadly.  That is why we need to encourage our children to drink water.   The Truth About Drinking Water. Everyone, including your bottle fed baby needs water to survive.  Our bodies need water to control our… Read More »

Circumcision Pros and Cons

What is circumcision, when should it be done, who does it, why should my baby boy be circumcised, is it necessary, what are the circumcision pros and cons?   These are the questions young parents ask when they know their baby is a boy.   What Is Circumcision? The doctor will remove free the foreskin… Read More »

Becoming Environmentally Friendly For Your New Baby

  Most of us don’t give much thought to saving the earth before we have children.  We are too busy living for the now to think about the future of our planet.  For most of us, it isn’t until we become parents that we start thinking about the world our children will inherit. This is… Read More »