Baby Not Sleeping? Exhausted From Broken Sleep?

By | 21/01/2016

When baby doesn’t sleep nobody sleeps.  If he is waking through the night and loudly proclaiming his insomnia toalt;Baby Not Sleeping> the household and probably half the neighborhood it is time to take action.  If he is over six months he should be sleeping most nights unless there is a problem.  Isn’t it time you took some steps toward training him to sleep so you can get a good nights rest?   Baby Sleep Solutions is a digital program that you can have in minutes and it comes with  8 weeks  trial period so you have nothing to lose but your sleepless nights.

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Here is just a snippet of what happy customers have to say about this program:

“Sleeps through the night”
I followed your guide and I’m extremely happy to say that my little boy now sleeps through the night. Many thanks for all the help.


“Asleep herself on day 3

Hi Chris,  The best solution that worked for me was [……..].It took 3 days to achieve a significant improvement.
45 mins on day 1.  8 mins on day 2.  Asleep herself on day 3.

No further comments except thank you.


Exhausted Family

Being woken up every night by a crying baby is terribly disruptive to any household.  Everyone is getting up in the morning, grumpy and worn out and if you then have to face  a full day at work it all can become too much.  This is  not good for your relationships with other household members and even your crying baby.

Your partner is going off to work tired and he is not as alert as he should be.  This could have an impact on his job or even his safety in some workplaces.

If you are still on parental leave from your job or have decided to be a stay at home mum you will at least have a chance to rest during the day while your disruptive,nocturnal little tyke has his day time sleep.  Unless, of course you have cut that out in an effort to get him to sleep all night.

Vicious Circle

With the tension in your household building everyone is becoming short tempered, irritable and start snapping at each other.  Really, who can blame=”sleepless parents tension” width=”237″ height=”151″ /> them.

When your baby is still waking you through the night long after he should have learned to self soothe and settle himself when he wakes up you have a problem.  Your first step should be to have your baby checked out by a health care professional to rule out any underlying causes.  If none are found then you need to look at what you are doing.

Have you established a night time ritual?

It is important to teach your baby when it is time to go to sleep and a night time ritual sometimes helps

  • Do you give him  supper such as warm milk before bedtime so he doesn’t get hungry through the night?
  • Give him a nice warm bath and a gentle massage with your favorite baby lotion?
  • Made sure he is dry and comfortable?
  • Had some quiet relaxing snuggle  time before he goes to bed?
  • Put him into his cot and made sure he is not too  hot/cold or in need of a last minute change?
  • Walked out and closed the door?

If you have tried all this and he still can’t settle himself or self soothe when he wakes through the night then it is time to get some help for yourself, your family and your relationship with your partner and your baby.

I would love to hear from you if you manage to get your baby into a sleep pattern and if you did it alone or through the Baby Sleep Solution Program.

All the best to you and your family.


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4 thoughts on “Baby Not Sleeping? Exhausted From Broken Sleep?

  1. Juan

    Your night time ritual has work wonders. My sister is very grateful for your advise. She tried two of your suggestions such as giving the baby supper before bedtime and giving him a nice warm bath and a gentle massage.

    If none of Margaret’s recommendations work I will do what she said:get some help for yourself, your family and your relationship with your partner and your baby. Thank you Margaret!

    1. admin

      Hi Juan,

      Thanks for your comment. I am really glad something has worked for your sister and if you need more help I am sure Baby Sleep Solutions will be able to sort the problem once and for all.

      Best wishes to you and your sister


  2. Christine

    I wish there had been help for me when I was dealing with my daughter many years ago. She screamed day and night for 3 months so I was pretty much a zombie. The only respite I got was when I was holding her, she was quiet. That doesn’t help much when you are trying to do chores.

    What worked for me was a friend lent me a camping cot that rocked every time there was movement. My daughter was rocked back and forth every time she stirred. Heaven!!

    1. Margaret Kennedy Post author

      In reply to Christine.

      Hi Christine,

      I know what you mean. I had the same issues with my son. I have often told him they swapped him at the hospital (lol). You might enjoy reading my Ezine article about that. It is called Parenting Tips For Toddler. I guess if you don’t laugh you would never get through it

      The only time I got a good night sleep was the nights my mother took him to give me a break. She never kept him long. I wonder why?

      Thanks so much for sharing this with me and my very best to you.



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