Bring Baby Home From Hospital.

By | 22/11/2015

Child safety seatThe time has come for you to bring baby home from hospital and there is one compulsory item you will need before you can leave the hospital.  In many countries it is compulsory to have your new baby in an approved baby seat or capsule restraint in the car.

Apart from it being the law, this is your beautiful new baby and what you want most in the world is for him/her to be safe on the way home from hospital.  So it is a no brainer that you need a car restraint to bring baby home from hospital.

Getting the right baby car capsule can be confusing.  There are many different brands and Bring Baby Homesizes.  Some capsule can be converted from infant up to 6 years old and of course this is a big saving for any parent.  Having to replace the seat as the child grows can become quite expensive.

Baby capsules range in price from $299 upward to around $400.  This is a lot of money if you are cash strapped but there are alternatives.

If you look on the internet you will find places where you can hire the capsules.  They might even fit the capsule for you.  It is recommended that you use a backward facing restraint for your new baby.

Before buying or hiring a capsule be sure to do your research.  Some restraints are better that others and you will only want the best for your baby.

Good luck finding the right capsule at the right price and getting baby home fom hospital safely.

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4 thoughts on “Bring Baby Home From Hospital.

  1. Dylan

    This is really great website. Grandmothers always know best and now people who dont have one have a place they can go to.

    i can see why having he right baby capsules or car seat would be really important. God forbid you were to get into an accident. you want the best protectiong for your newborn

    This is a really informative post. Thank so much for this.

    1. Margaret Post author

      Thanks Dylan.

      You are right, it would be awful to have an accident on the way home from hospital and with the amount of traffic on the road these days you really do need a safe baby capsule.

      Best Wishes


  2. Gloria

    I’m sure car seats have changed a lot since I needed one. I know that where I am from if you don’t have a approved car seat the hospital will not let you leave with your baby. They even check the seat over before letting you leave and some hospitals have a staff member buckle it in.
    There are also places that you can rent a baby car seat for a small amount.
    Do you know of any place that to be moms could find out more about safety of different car seats?

    1. Margaret Kennedy Post author

      Hi Gloria,

      I do believe that the hospital does verify you have a baby capsule in Australia and I am sure in many other countries but there are still places in the world where restraints and car seats are not mandatory.

      The safety of the seat can be verified by places like Ambulance stations & Auto clubs. If you google “Who can I get to check my baby seat is safe” you will get a list of company’s that do this.

      In Australia it would be best to check with the Government regulations and then make sure the seat meets with their standards.

      I hope this has helped




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