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By | 28/02/2016

Every new mum needs a baby bag.  You will be amazed at how much you need to take with you when you take baby out for the first time.  After having your baby you could be feeling a bit glum because you are still wearing maternity clothes and nothing fits you yet so to give your morale a lift why not make your baby bag a fashion statement.  Why not get yourself a glamorous baby bag and step out in style.

Thea Thea has a lovely range of reasonably priced and very fashion conscious baby bags.  There is nothing like a bit of glamour to lift your spirits and after all you did just have a baby, didn’t you?  You definitely deserve to have a beautiful and fashionable baby bag.

Why Do I Need A Baby Bag?

When baby goes out you need to take everything he may need with you.

  • Nappies
  • Baby Wipes
  • Lotion
  • Cream if baby has nappy rash
  • Bottles of water or formula or both
  • A change of clothes just in case
  • A couple of pacifiers if you use them.
  • For breast feeding you need breast pads and a nursing cape (even though breastfeeding is the most natural thing to do some people are still offended and upset by mothers openly breast feeding in public.  Also you might not feel comfortable and cloak protects every one.)

This is just a short list,there may be lots more you want to take but as you can see the bag needs to be big enough to hold it all.

What To Look For In a Baby Bag

The first thing to consider is the size of the bag.  It has be big enough to hold everything you will need for baby when you are out.

Ideally it needs to have compartments for everything so you don’t have to search for what you want or take everything out to find something.  A well organized baby bag really is a God send.

The bag below is very well designed and practical and it is just what you need.  It has 7 inner pockets so you can separate everything making it easier to find when you need it.  There are 2 for bottles, 2 smaller netted pockets, 1 large netted pocket, and 2 easy to reach zipper pockets for important items.

The Zippered outside pocket is very handy for your valuables such as your purse,  your mobile phone and you keys.  It also comes with insulated bottle bag, a drawstring diaper bag and that nursing cloak I mentioned earlier.

TheaThea call this bag the Santa Monica and they have thought of everything from magnetic closing to an adjustable strap.  If you are short like me that is a wonderful additional benefit.

It is light weight and only weighs 1.29 lbs which is around 1/2 Kg and it measures 12.5” x 20” x 6.5” or 32cm x 51cm x  16cm.  Definitely   big enough to hold everything baby needs for an outing.


Best Size Baby BagBaby Bag With Compartments








This particular baby bag comes in black and white stripes or  check and is made with easy care polyester.


Give yourself a special treat.  Every new mum deserves one.

TheaThea has a lovely range of baby bags so if you are feeling a bit down and need a lift you should check out their full range before you make your final decision on which baby bag to get.

Best wishes to you and your family and if you have any questions I would love to hear from you.  You can leave a comment for me below or leave you name and email in my side bar to get your FREE EBOOK and any other free resources that I receive from time to time.







4 thoughts on “Glamorous Baby Bags

  1. Julie

    I completely agree that a well-organized baby bag can be a God send, yet it can be so challenging for us mothers to find one. Without the right bag, taking your baby out of the house can be really tough on both parents. I absolutely love how this TheaThea bag has been designed specifically to be practical, with the pockets for bottles, netted pockets, and zipper pockets for those small items that can be really hard to find! Thanks for sharing your review on this – ordering it now as I type this comment! By the way as I’m also looking for a new stroller for my 2 year old, can you recommend a good model that I can take outdoors? Thanks again.

    1. Margaret Kennedy Post author

      Hi Julie,

      First of all congratulations on your new baby. I hope you love your TheaThea baby bag and it meets all your needs. They are all so beautifully designed and they also look great.

      There is a site called Stroller Depot and it has a good range of baby strollers to choose from so why not check it out first. When I had children I always preferred a stroller that had baby facing me. I wanted to be able to see them at all times and that is the type of stroller i always recommend to new mothers.

      Hope this has helped you a little

      Best wishes


  2. Tiffany

    What a great looking bag! I put a diaper bag on my registry when I was pregnant and was so happy when someone got it for me! But after a few months, I realized it didn’t have the functionality and style I hoped for. These are great looking bags, a tad on the expensive side, but overall have the look and function every mom needs.

    1. Margaret Kennedy Post author

      Hi Tiffany,

      The Thea Thea bags are lovely and there are plenty to choose from. I particularly like the way the bag has compartments so you don’t have to tip everything out to find something.

      I also like the fact that It adds a bit of glamour when a new mum needs it most. Our bodies may not be perfect at the moment but by God our Thea Thea baby bag certainly is. It is true that you only get what you pay for and the Thea Thea Bag is worth a little extra..

      This bag would also be great later on for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park.

      If I am ever fortunate enough to have a little great grandchild on the way I will definitely be giving mother a Thea Thea Bag.

      Best wishes to you and your family



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