Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

By | 26/02/2016

We all think our baby is the smartest little creature that ever set foot on this earth and that is a fact.   Everybody wants their child to do well at school and become a successful adult.  We know we can maintain our child’s ability to do well by making sure they have a good diet, adequate rest and daily activity.  What else can you do to increase your baby’s intelligence?

Baby’s Learning Activity

From the moment your baby is born he/she begins to learn.  If you think about how much that Baby's Learning Activitybaby will learn in their very first few months you will realize their enormous  potential.  According to Web MD, by aged four your baby’s brain has reached  90% of it’s adult size.  It is at this stage you have the opportunity for learning.

According to Ross A. Thompson, who is professor of Psychology at the University of California, many parents believe that because their children learn fast in those first four years they will continue to learn fast throughout their childhood.  He says that children learn better at their own natural rate.  Some children who advance quickly at an early stage will level off by the time they go to school.  However, for other children this may be when they  catch up.

Is Intelligence Genetic?

Studies show that genetic factors influence about 50% of the difference in  intelligence.  The studies have not shown that there is a gene that influences intelligence.  It is thought that even if the parents are intelligent and high achievers there is no guarantee this will be passed on to the child.

Intelligence and Environmental Factors

The greatest contributor to a child’s intelligence is his environment.  It depends a lot on parenting, education, the resources he has access to, adequate sleep, exercise  and nutrition.

Parents need to  talk to their baby.  It has been found that talking to your baby will increase his vocabulary and increase his verbal IQ.  Use real words not baby talk.

Show your baby affection by setting aside some time for cuddles.  When baby feels loved and learns that mum is always there when he needs her it will build his confidence and his security.

Give him time alone.  Your baby needs to learn to be on his own and amuse himself.  This will help him develop his creativity as he learns to play on  his own.  It is important to have balance between his cuddle and play with mum time and his alone time.

Sharing a story with baby.  Don’t just read a book, share  the story with your baby.  Get involved inSharing a Story With Baby the story and make it come alive for your child.  You will be amazed at how much your child will learn from these sessions.  They soon realize that those marks on the page are words and they tell a story that you can understand.  He will develop a desire to read for himself.  He will also learn what the animals are and the sounds they make.

Try your best to breast feed.  It is believed that breast feeding is important to a babies developing IQ.  The longer a baby is breast fed the higher is his IQ.

In Summary

Research has shown that you can increase your child’s intelligence  by using  a few parenting guidelines  when you interact with your baby.  The parents genes play only a minor role in a child’s intelligence.  The most important factors are environmental, sleep, diet, exercise, education and his access to the right resources.

Although we all hope our children will have a high IQ and grow up to be successful the most important thing we want for our children is health and happiness.  Nothing is more important than that.  Accept your child as he is, help him as much as you can and just love him to bits.

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