Let Your Baby Be Your Guide

By | 04/01/2016

Let Your Baby Be Your Guide

There is one thing you can count on when  your first baby arrives.  Everyone is going to give you parenting advice. After awhile you will think you are the only person on the face of the earth who has no idea how to take care of your own baby.  Don’t worry, just let your baby be your guide.

Breast of Bottle?

We all know that the most natural food for a baby is breast milk but some women simply can’t Let baby guide youbreastfeed.  This is unfortunate  but certainly not the end of the world.  There are excellent baby formulas out there  that your baby will love and thrive on.

Do not let anyone make you feel guilty because you don’t want to breast feed.  For a first time mum bottle feeding will give peace of mind.  You will never be left wondering if your baby has had enough milk because you know he has.

Many women choose not to breast feed.  The reasons for this choice are man and varied.  There are many women who have to return to work as soon as they are on their feet again  and it is more practical for them to use a formula.

Always remember, your baby, your decision and you know you would never do anything to harm your baby.  If in doubt, check it out with someone who is qualified to give you sound advice.

Baby’s feet are always cold.

Both my babies had Colic but I was told by well meaning family they had stomach pains because their feet were cold.  Of course this was utter nonsense.  If your baby’s feet are cold he probably will cry because he is uncomfortable.  Put some booties on and once he is warm he should settle and sleep.

More often than not someone will tell you your baby is dressed too warm or not warm enough.  It is a fact that babies do not have the same temperature control as adults.   It is important to be aware of this when you are dressing your baby but it is simply commonsense.

Starting baby on solid food

When to start your baby on solids can be a bone of contention between you and all your unwanted advisers (no pun intended).  You should always be guided by your health care professional with this.

The age at which babies can start solids and what they can have and how much to give them has changed over the years so simply tell your well meaning advisers you are following the advice of  your health care professional.

How will baby be my guide

Just remember, if you make a mistake and the baby is cold or wet or hungry you will soon know about it because that little fellow will let you know with a powerful set of lungs.

Your baby isn’t that complicated, if he cries then he is not comfortable.  He may be hungry.  If your Baby will be your guidebaby’s feed times are getting shorter and shorter this may be the reason.  Get some professional advice to rule out anything serious.

If he has learned to self soothe and sleeps well  then he is comfortable and satisfied and his tummy is full.  If he has not learned to self soothe it may be a sleeping problem  not a hunger one.

At around two or three months you should expect baby to sleep for around five or six hours. Some may take a little longer some not quite a long.  Babies are individual too and even thought there are many similarities, each one is different.

In summary

Each generation has it’s own ideas on what is right and what is wrong when it comes to a new baby. When I was a baby my mother wrapped me up in bunny rugs and dressed me in long nighties. Because of this I was slow to crawl or to walk as I was hindered by my clothing.  I was also overfed and fat and which was thought to be a sign of good health back then. Now it is thought to be a contributing factor in adult obesity and the development of a type 2 Diabetes.

I placed my babies on their side or on their stomach to sleep. Now it is thought that this is a contributing factor in cot death.

My daughter read every parenting magazine and book she could find and out of the three generations I have to say she was, by far, the best mother.

Mothers today should read the baby magazines and baby books written by experts to learn the best way to parent.  When they are given advice by well meaning relative and friends  just smile and thell them thank you and then do it your way.

Best wishes to all you wonderful mums out there.  If you have any questions be sure to leave me a note below.

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