Lithium Batteries Danger To Children

By | 11/03/2016


Parents of young children need to be aware of the danger of lithium batteries.  If it is small enough to swallow it could be lethal to your child.  The batteries from hearing aids are very tiny and very dangerous to small children so always ensure new batteries are stores safely out of their reach.  Used batteries disposed of where a young child cannot pick them up and put them into their mouth.Lithium Batteries

They are also dangerous to all of us if accidentally swallowed so do not ever put them into your mouth.

These batteries still retain enough charge to do damage to your child even after they are too flat to power whatever device they are in.  Safe, responsible disposal is vital.

Battery Poisoning Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms that a battery has been swallowed and parents should be alert and aware of them.  If you are aware or even suspect your child has swallowed a battery it is a medical emergency and vital that you seek immediate help.

If your child displays any of these symptoms take them to a doctor immediately.

  • A low feverEmergency Care
  • Irritability
  • Excessive and persistent drooling
  • There may be a rash from nickel metal allergy
  • Retching
  • Vomiting
  • Pain in the tummy
  • The battery could block the airway and cause difficulty breathing.
  • Dark or bloody feces.

If any family member or visitor wears a hearing aid make sure they are aware of the danger these batteries pose for a young child and ask them to take extra care with the batteries.

Immediate Care

Of course you must get your the child to the nearest hospital emergency department as fast as you can.  Do not delay getting treatment.  It could cost your child their life.  Do no give them anything to eat or drink. 

If there is another identical battery on hand take it with you so the staff know the size and type of battery your child has swallowed.


Always be vigilant with batteries.  They are very dangerous to your child and you need to keep them stored safely away from children.  These batteries are dangerous to anyone who swallows one.

The source of the information contained here  was the EMedicine website and I would strongly advise all parents to go to their site and read the full article there.

Your babies are precious so please protect from this very real danger.








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