Mother And Baby Doing Well

By | 22/11/2015

mother and newbornMother and baby doing well indeed.  OMG girl you are a legend and so is that gorgeous little human you just pushed into the world.  I know you are tired but you are both totally awesome.

You partner has spread the word, handed out cigars and spent some time down at the local bar with his mates wetting the baby’s head while you have just been staring in awe at the little miracle that you have created.

Now the ‘welcome baby’ ritual begins.  Your parents, you partners parents, friends and relatives come from everywhere to meet your new baby.

It is the most wonderful time for both you and your partner and you are both deserve toDaddys Boy bask in all the good wishes and gifts being showered on you and lets face it, the most awesome newborn on the planet ever.

This is such a special time I wanted to offer you a special gift to help you through the start of this new and often emotional time in your life.  It is just a little booklet  called ‘A New Mums Guide To Feeling Great’.   The book is full of good advice and tips that I hope you will find useful at his time.  For your free copy just CLICK HERE

Congratulations and my very best wishes for your successful journey through motherhood.  I would love to hear about your baby and how you are doing so just drop me a little note below.  Take good care of your self and your brand new little one.

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