water filter removes fluoride

When we drink water from our kitchen tap we are consuming Fluoride and Chlorine.  The Fluoride is to protect our teeth and the Chlorine is to kill bacteria and make our water safer for us to drink.  Of course we don’t want to get sick from any of the microorganisms  or bacteria that can contaminate… Read More »

Sun Safety For Kids- Don’t Forget Their Eyes.

We all know about the slip on a shirt,slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat routine for kids sun safety but what about their eyes?  When it comes to sun safety for kids we also need to consider eye protection.  The long term effects on eyes from sun exposure can be devastating so… Read More »

Chemical Free Living – Is It Really That Hard

Have you always thought that Chemical free living was just too hard?  I know I did but I have done some research on the availability of chemical free products and it has made me realize that all the things I once  feared  were not really true.  I found some books on the subject that cleared… Read More »

What Is The Land Of Nod.

The Land Of Nod is a world wide  company and is committed to  high quality and good design when it comes to  children’s  furniture.  In 1996 Scott Eirinberg and Jamie Cohen started their store in Chicago working out of Scott’s basement.  In 2001 they teamed up with Crate And Barrel.   Both companies share their… Read More »

Breast Pads – Washable Or Disposable

There is so much to think of when you are expecting your first baby that sometimes the little things like breast pads are overlooked.  Will you get washable or disposable?  Which is the best?  There are a lot of questions that new mums ask and unless you have breast fed and leaked through you clothes… Read More »

How To Get Baby To Sleep Through The Night

  Babies Are Just So Cute.Until they keep you up night after night.   Parents expect to have sleepless nights  when they bring a new baby home but when those sleepless nights go on for months, or even years, it takes it’s toll  on the parents.  I have known families where dad would go to… Read More »

Best Outdoor Toys For Kids

If saving some cash on the best outdoor toys for kids is a priority for you this Christmas I can help you with  that. If you are like me this is about the time you start to feel the beginnings of the inevitable Christmas spending stress.  The kids are starting to put up their wish… Read More »

What To Do When Your Preschooler Misbehaves

There are a few things in life we can count on.  Toddlers will tantrum, kids will play up and preschoolers will misbehave.  The question is what to do when your preschooler misbehaves so with that in mind here are a few tips I leaned when I was dealing with my own children and grandchildren. What… Read More »

Common Baby Rashes

We mums tend to panic when it comes to our babies.  It is probably why doctors get “That Look” on their faces when we burst into their surgery and announce, “My baby has the measles” and burst into tears.  That is why I want to tell you about  a few of the common baby rashes… Read More »

Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

One of the discomforts that most women experience  during pregnancy is lower back pain.  I think Charles Dickens said it best in his opening words when he wrote A Tale Of Two Cities.  His story began with  ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times’  and I have often thought it… Read More »