Talking to Toddlers Review – Does it Really Work

By | 07/12/2015

Product:  Talking To Toddlers Crazy Mum

Price: $37

Guarantee: 60 day money back.

Creator:  Chris Thompson

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Talking to Toddlers is a  audio based program created by Chris Thompson.  He has also included, for those people who are visual learners, a written transcript of the audio lessons.  The system also includes a course guide and homework.

Talking to Toddlers will teach parents of troublesome toddlers effective ways to communicate with their toddlers.  It is a toolbox of effective strategies you can use that will transform your toddler in positive ways.

By using his communication strategies Chris says you can change your relationship with your troublesome toddler into one that is positive and happy for both of you.

Who is Chris Thompson?

Chris is a Platinum Expert Author for ezinearticles. com where he submits regular article on parenting.  You may like to read these in your free time.

He is also married with two little girls.  Prior to becoming a rather he had a keen interest in communication and motivation and these interest and becoming the father  of his own difficult toddler led him to create Talking to Toddlers.

What Does The Talking to Toddlers Include

When you sign up for the program you will be able to download the course immediately  The course of 12 lessons of around 20 minute each.  There is also the course guide and homework as well as the written transcript of the video lessons.

  •     Lesson 1: Introduction (this includes key concepts)Toddler Tantrum
  •     Lesson 2: Double Binds and Presuppositions
  •     Lesson 3: How to Get What You Want Without Saying No
  •     Lesson 4: Yes and No/Compliance Sets
  •     Lesson 5: Consistency and Commitment
  •    Lesson 6: Reciprocity
  •    Lesson 7: Picking Your Battles
  •    Lesson 8: Reframing
  •    Lesson 9: State Management and Anchoring
  •    Lesson 10: Embedded Comments and Quotes Technique
  •    Lesson 11: Dealing With Physical Pain
  •   Lesson 12: Threats and Punishments

What are the Pros:

  •  As a digital program busy mums can  listen to it any time.  While driving or doing the housework.  It does not cut into your busy schedule.
  • The program will teach you how to deal with the problems that are driving you crazy.
  • Your chance to build a happy and relaxed relationship with your toddler
  • A 60 day money back guarantee gives you peace of mind.
  • The program is versatile and will give different methods for solving a problem.
  • You will learn the skills to banish your toddler tantrums. The methods you will learn work with any age group and will help you in your relationships with other

What are the Cons:

    • The program is based on the psychology of a 2 year old and my not be as effective on older children
    • The program tends to ignore a mothers natural instincts regarding her child.

In Summary:

Overall Talking to Toddlers is an effective tool for beleaguered parents who are at their wits end and filled with self doubt regarding their parenting skills.

Even though it is based on psychology many of the interventions have a lot of merit and are usually successful if followed correctly.

I particularly liked the emphasis on that awful word “NO” and how to turn the toddlers behavior around.

I really wish this program had been around when my children were oppositional toddlers.

I hope you have enjoyed my review and would love to hear of any toddler problems you are having.  I know how difficult they can be.

Parents – You can get 3 quick tips that will improve how you communicate with your kids. It is worth a few minutes of your valuable time.



6 thoughts on “Talking to Toddlers Review – Does it Really Work

  1. Tim

    Hi Margaret,

    Cool website! I think the older generation has a lot of good things to share with people and it seems you have proven that true here with this post.

    I think this audio package could really help us parents with our young children, especially when we are at our wits end!

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Margaret Post author

      Thanks you. I guess like most oldies we have learned from our experience as mothers and grandmothers. Today young mums have so many great tools to help them with their babies. A lot of these programs are absolute gold.

      I had a very difficult toddler and I truly wish something like Talking To Toddlers had been available then.



  2. Daniel Aittie


    Good write up about Talking to Toddlers. I loved it when I read through. It is not easy talking to someone who can talk back but if we will learn it right we can effectively talk to our toddlers and they will listen.

    Please is the price for a month, a year or it is per the training. You have really done a good job on this review and I must commend you for that.


    1. Margaret Post author

      Hi Daniel

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Toddlers are delightful but they are also a handful. They are a little bundle of curiosity and they need to touch everything or worse, taste everything. Many parents have said how much the Talking to Toddlers program has helped them with their toddlers and it has given them a really positive relationship with their baby.

      The $37 is the total price for the program. That is all you pay. Not a very high price for a peaceful loving existence is it?


  3. Ashley

    Great website and WONDERFUL information! Thank you for this. I have 2 toddlers, who are 14 months apart in age, and I swear they conspire against me! haha… I am wondering what the general consensus is considering “troublesome toddlers” and by that I mean, what constitutes “troublesome”? This is something that I in particular, struggle with. What is the difference between troublesome and normal when it comes to this age?

    1. Margaret Kennedy Post author

      Hi Ashley,

      Great to hear from you and I know what a handful one toddler can be but two would be so much more exhausting. They say it is easier to have twins.

      I think you could define troublesome with how much can mum tolerate. If she is finding it difficult to cope with their behaviour day after day there is help available. Personally I think it is better to get help and have a chance of really enjoying your toddlers (who can be delightful as well as exhausting).

      If you go to This Site and watch the free video you will find there and then judge for yourself whether or not you need help.

      We are all different and what may seem like nothing to one mum might be a huge hurdle for others.

      I hope this helps you.




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