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By | 02/12/2015

The parents of any toddler will tell you it is a very trying time.   Most parents eagerly embrace any tips on parenting toddlers they can find.  Many parents will tell you the first word their child learned to say was “NO!”.  The reason for this is because it is the word they heard most frequently.

For a toddler everything is new and needs to be investigated.  They are prone to putting Toddlers Are Curioustheir tiny fingers into light sockets, touching the dog at the wrong end and much much more.  Is it any wonder he hears “NO” screamed at him more often than any other word.

Their curiosity will lead them into all sorts of trouble and already they have probably tried to eat the  soap and sundry other things that we just won’t mention.  They want to touch everything and react strongly when you stop them.

A toddlers  reaction to anything is emotional.  They laugh when they are happy and cry when they are tired or upset and scream when they can’t get what the want.  They have no idea of time.  If they want a drink they want it now not in the thirty seconds mum takes to get it.

It can develop into a vicious circle, you say no and move them away from the danger zone and they go straight back to it when you put them down.  Hence the popularity of good solid playpens.

All this reminds me of my grandmother who heard me raise my voice to my son when he was a little fellow.  She said, “When a parent raises their voice a child stops listening.  The louder the voice the less they hear.”  I realize now she was absolutely right.

Being the parent of a toddler is not easy.  Luckily they are adorable.  Parents have said  to me, ‘when I look at him, Toddlers Are A Handfulsound asleep at night, I can’t believe  this darling innocent little child could be such a handful’.

Recently I found a program I thought was excellent and I immediately wanted to share it with every parent who is  struggling with  toddlers and the terrible twos.  It is called  ‘Talking To Toddlers’ and it contains some of the best advice I have ever come across.  I just wish it had  been available when my son was a toddler

It is called talking to toddlers.  If you would like to know more about this program just Click Here! .

Having a toddler can be exhausting and wonderful and it is a time every parent should look back on with pleasure.  Toddlers really are the most delightful little people and I hope you will get the chance to  enjoy every second with him.

I would love to hear about your toddlers so I would be delighted if you just drop me a not below.


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