What Do You Need For a New Born

By | 22/11/2015

First babyI recently read through a list of what you need for a new baby and was amazed that anyone would ever be able to afford it all.  So bearing in mind that you may not have an unlimited supply of money, I just want to give you the very basics you will need when your bring baby home.  Just remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

There are a lot of things you can make do without.  For instance, do you really need a change table?  If you cant afford a change table mat, why not throw a rug on any flat service, put a clean sheet over it and use it as a change table and also for bathing baby.  After all up until about 30 years ago change tables were unheard of.

What you really do need is some very practical things.  For example when you bring baby home you are going to be very busy so eliminate as many jobs  as you can now.  Why not cook and freeze enough meals to last for about a week.  That way you just have to heat and eat but make sure they are good nourishing meals.  You need to stay healthy for your baby.

By this time you will have your port packed for the hospital so all your partner has to do is grab it and go.  Have you considered that your normally strong, calm, rational man might degenerate into a blithering, panic stricken idiot when the time comes?  Perhaps you should put the port into the car now so he doesn’t forget it.

One thing you really will need is lots of clothes for baby.  Babies can be messy little critters and may need to be changes several times a day so extra clothes are really essential.

Baby will need the essentials of a place to sleep with good bedding and bed clothes and with any luck one of the brand new grandparent will spring for a a bassinet.  If no improvise.  My first baby slept in a pram beside my bed. That way if he sighed I heard him. Having baby beside  you  at night puts your mind at rest and removes the need for a baby monitor(but never in your bed please).

You will need lots of nappies of course and creams for baby as well as a mild organic soap as well as a gentle baby shampoo for bath time.  You will also need a mild soap for washing babies clothes.  remember babies skin is very new and very tender.

You may also want to have a supply of cotton balls and cotton buds.  Cotton buds are the best for cleaning your baby’s umbilical cord until it has fully healed.

For your self you will need a few nursing bras and breast pads if you are planning to breast feed.  If not you will need sterilizer, bottles, teats and an age appropriate formula.

My BabyBefore baby comes is a good time to talk to your partner about his role when baby is new.  There is absolutely no reason why he can’t cook a meal, do a little cleaning and generally pick up the slack while you are taking care of an often demanding brand new baby.

If you read through the lists about what you need and wonder how on earth you are ever going to get it all because of the cost then simply break it down to the basics and don’t forget you can rely on what Nanna knows.

My very best wishes to you and the new baby when he/she arrives and remember God will never give you a problem you can’t handle.  It usually just takes some down to earth common sense and you can always get that from a Grandmother.

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4 thoughts on “What Do You Need For a New Born

  1. Ananda

    Hi Margaret,

    It was great to meet you from whatnannaknows. Information provided for the parents towards a newborn is simply great.

    it’s really a great thing that you care about not only the newborn and also the mother suggesting about good meals to strengthen herself to take care of her baby.

    last but not the least i should mention that you are the excellent nanna that i have met….

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am happy you enjoyed my site. If you are a new mum make sure you take advantage of the free booklet.

  2. Kams

    Thank you for this informative article. I was lucky I didn’t give into the shopping craze before my babies were born. But although I thought I had only bought the essential (and spend much less than my pregnant friends) there were still things I didn’t need at all, such as changing mat or bottle sterilizer.
    I disagree though with your suggestion that a baby shouldn’t sleep with their parents in the same bed. Research shows that parents’ bed is the safest and healthiest place for a baby to sleep.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your comments. A new mum can get carried away with buying stuff for the baby and I guess it is because they really don’t know what to expect and it is so easy to go overboard.

      I really don’t agree with baby sleeping in the same bed as their parents but I do think baby should be close enough to you so you can reach out and comfort them during the night. I always had my babies in their own cot or bassinet placed against my bed. It was reassuring for both of us and we could all sleep peacefully.I guess it really all comes down to what is most comfortable for everyone.

      If you are a new mum congratulations. I hope you took advantage of the free booklet.


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