What Is Colic And What Should I Do?

By | 31/12/2015

When our babies cry for hours and seem terribly distressed any mother’s stress levels ramp up to the red zone.  New mothers especially keep asking themselves ‘what have I done wrong?’.  The chances are baby has colic and it has absolutely nothing to do with what mum has done.  So, what is colic and what should I do?

The Wikipedia definition says it is  ‘episodes of crying for more than three hours a day for moreWhen baby has colic than three days a week for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child between the ages of two weeks and four months.[1] The cause of colic is generally unknown.[2] Fewer than 5% of infants with excess crying have an underlying organic disease.[2]’

When a baby does this it is understandable that a family will be thrown into chaos and feel burdened with guilt.  This feeling of guilt is understandable and normal especially when many older women will tell them it is because they did not get all the baby’s wind up after feeding.  This is what was thought to be the cause when my babies were tiny.  It was also blamed on the mothers diet if she was breast feeding.

The truth is, no one seems to know what causes colic.  I still believe is is wind pains but not related in any way to how a mother burps her child.  If you watch a baby who is crying incessantly and in distress your will see he  scrubs his feet together and pull his knees up and he will often break wind.  Some of the remedies suggested would indicate that this could be the problem.

Your baby’s bowel is brand new and so having feces and wind pass through it could be causing him pain.  It has been suggested that cigarette smoking can be a cause of colic so if there are smokers in your house then ask them to smoke outside, well away from the baby.

If you think your baby has colic it is a good idea to get this confirmed by a health professional to rulebaby colic out anything else.  If it is colic ask your doctor if you can give your baby Probiotics and which is the best to use.

If your baby does have colic there are a few things you can try to help her through it.

  • A nice warm bath sometimes helps
  • Swaddling firmly in a blanket or sheet but remember firm but not too tight.
  • Some babies can be distracted by noise and movement
  • Some babies prefer quiet
  • Gently massaging baby’s tummy with circular motions
  • Use a pacifier
  • Try filling a hot water bottle with warm (NOT HOT) water, wrap it in a towel and place it on his tummy.
  • Taking baby for a walk outside in the fresh air may help.
  • Make sure your baby has been burped after every feed.

Babies are such precious little darlings that it is very hard to watch them in distress.  When it comes to colic  the best thing to do is to comfort them as best you can. Try not to stress as babies do pick up on their mothers stress and this can often makes thing worse.

If you have a new baby I would love to hear from you.  Just drop me a not below and tell me about your baby.


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8 thoughts on “What Is Colic And What Should I Do?

  1. Brian

    SO glad i found someone like you who can explain these things that i have never heard of before but could be very dangerous. Thank you for your dedication to this blog it is really essential for people to get this information and i dont know how else they would get it if it wasnt for you thank you so much

    1. admin

      Hi Brian, thanks for your comment. Great to hear from you.

      I hope I didn’t imply that baby colic was dangerous as it is not. It is just distressing for the parents when they can’t get baby to settle. However, they should see the doctor and make sure that the problem is colic.

      I hope your baby does not have colic and sleeps well. If not you might like to read my Baby Sleep Solutions Review

      My very best wishes to you


  2. Elizabeth Haran

    Glad I found your site. Hope you are going to expand into toddlers and then into actual kids. I really trust what you have to say. I have a 3-year-old granddaughter and I want to learn as much about her as I possibly can. I know you will give me the truth, Margaret. Thanks for your efforts and topics. I will send your site along to my daughter.
    All the best.

    1. admin

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for you comment and also for sharing my post with your daughter. Parenting is the most important job we will ever do and the greatest reward of parenting is grandchildren.

      I am planning to expand into older children as my site develops. I also want to talk about parenting children with Autism as this is a subject close to my heart.

      My whole purpose for building this website is to help young parents. They are faced with so many challenges and some often feel overwhelmed by it all. Even though I am an affiliate marketer my policy is never promote any product I do not believe in and that I am sure will help mothers and children. It was gratifying to hear that you trusted what I am saying. Thank you for that.

      My very best wishes to you and your grand daughter. At 3 they can be a handful and a joy.


  3. Tyler Redlev

    It is a major problem with babies.

    To speak the truth, i don’t have any kids, but i have friends with kids and they all had the same problem. Sometimes they couldn’t sleep all night because of their baby crying.

    Good that you have provided good information about baby colics. I hope this helps to many people

    1. admin

      Hi Tyler, great to hear from you. My daughter had colic and I know how difficult it is when you can’t do very much to make it better. some of the remedies I mentioned do work and apart from that it is a case of do what you can and ride it out.

      Best wishes


  4. Lovejeg


    Thank you for a great post. I can see you have allot of experience with children.

    My sister has a colic baby and I will definitely give her your website to read.
    I see in your comments that you are also going to have a post about Autism, I have always been so amazed at how parents deal with these kids.

    All the best with this website. I look professional and well laid out.

    1. admin

      Thanks Michelle, great to hear your thoughts and I feel really sorry for you sister. It is difficult when a baby has colic. I do want to write about Autism as more and more children are being diagnosed with it and it is extremely difficult for the parents. There are better programs around now for parents but it is still hard.

      I hope your sisters colic settles soon.



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